• 13. 3. 2018

    Being a volunteer equals giving and accepting

    Krka’s Volunteer of the Year 2017 Boštjan Kmet believes that volunteering is one of the most sincere ways of reaching out to your fellow human being, so for many years he has been spending his free time in various projects aimed at helping other people. He was nominated by his closest co-workers who recognized his numerous efforts.

  • 8. 3. 2018

    Krka's international symposium The maze of mental disorders and the way out

    The quality of life depends on many things: the environment in which we live, the social contacts we maintain, as well as our sense of stability and health. Patients suffering from mental disorders face numerous obstacles on a daily basis, of which only some are directly related to their health. The biggest issue is social non-acceptance, i.e. the stigma that still very much surrounds mental disorders.

  • 16. 2. 2018

    Krka, main sponsor of art exhibition of works by eminent sculptor Meštrović

    The CD Gallery of the Cultural and Congress Centre Cankarjev dom hosts an exhibition of works by the sculptor, Ivan Meštrović. The exhibition is on show until 20 May. Krka is the main sponsor of the exhibition entitled Corporeality and Eroticism in Sculpture.

  • 7. 2. 2018

    Otočec Castle, gem on the green Krka River, now also featured in Krka's book collection

    On a Tuesday evening to commemorate the Slovenian cultural holiday we presented a new book from Krka's book collection titled Grad Otočec – biser na zeleni Krki(Castle Otočec - Gem on the Green Krka River). The book was written by a renowned art historian and expert on castles dr. Ivan Stopar. In his book dr. Stopar presents historical facts and architectural features of the castle, and also discusses the lives of the people that once lived there. The foreword was written by an art historian dr. Milček Komelj. In addition to Slovene, the book is also available in English and Russian versions.

  • 16. 11. 2017

    Krka presented its operating results for the period January–September 2017

    The Krka Group sales in the first nine months of 2017 totalled €928.3 million, an increase by 9% compared to the same period last year, resulting in €110.1 million of net profit, a 37% year-on-year increase. The Krka Company revenues amounted to €887.4 million, resulting in €106.3 million of net profit.