Strategy of development of the Krka Group from 2016 to 2020

  • To attain at least 5% average annual sales growth in terms of quantities;
  • To ensure growth, in addition to organic growth, with acquisitions and long-term partnerships (including joint ventures);
  • To strengthen the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, and increase the range of products in three key therapeutic areas (cardiovascular diseases, the alimentary tract and metabolism, and the central nervous system) while entering new therapeutic areas (oncology, anti-virus medicines, similar biological medicines);
  • To ensure that new products account for at least one-third of total sales;
  • To concentrate primarily on European and central Asian markets with a focus on key markets (Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, West Europe);
  • To launch the selected product portfolios in our key markets as the first generic pharmaceutical company;
  • To strengthen the competitive advantage of our product portfolio;
  • To maintain the largest possible share of vertically integrated products;
  • To improve the cost-effective use of all assets;
  • To increase product cost effectiveness;
  • To improve all business functions in innovative ways.