Innovation in the form of bilayer tablets – fewer tablets, same efficacy

The treatment of chronic diseases often requires patients to take several tablets with different active ingredients at the same time. Bilayer tablets are the preferred pharmaceutical form when the active ingredients are incompatible due to different chemical and/or physical properties. They allow for the physical separation of the ingredients and, thus adequate product stability and quality. This means that rather than taking two or more tablets, patients can take a single tablet.

By introducing fixed-dose combinations of several active substances in one pharmaceutical form, we facilitate treatment for patients. In this way, we achieve the optimal treatment outcome, which undoubtedly improves patients’ quality of life. The environmental impact is also reduced, as combining several active substances in one medicine reduces packaging waste.

A medicine combining the active ingredients telmisartan and hydrochloriazide is one of Krka’s medicines in the form of a bilayer tablet.

dvoslojne tablete

Bilayer tablets also enable the controlled release of one or more active ingredients

The active ingredient in the first layer is released immediately. In contrast, the active ingredient in the second layer is released over a longer period or with a delay. In this way, the therapeutic concentration of the medicine in the body is maintained for longer, allowing for a better treatment effect. Controlled release means the medicine needs to be taken only once a day, maintaining the optimum concentration throughout the 24-hour period.

The production of bilayer tablets presents a unique challenge. The active ingredients in both layers need to be accurately dosed. It is also vital that there is no separation of the two layers – they differ in composition, which makes their physical properties different as well.

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Bilayer tablets


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