Production of finished products

We produce quality medicinal products in line with market needs. To meet this objective, we rapidly respond to changing market demands and continuously improve production processes in all Krka Group subsidiaries and other contractual production sites.

We introduce advanced technological processes to comply with the legislation governing the production of finished products. We have been increasing our production capacities and improving the cost-effectiveness of the Krka Group processes.


is carried out in state-of-the-art production plants in Slovenia and around the world.

About 3,000 employees in nine production plants in Slovenia, four production plants abroad and in other contractual production sites all around the world manufacture quality, safe, and effective medicinal products.

The optimal use of available resources in the Krka Group allows us to produce several billion products in all solid dosage forms used in modern treatments. We also produce semi-solid, liquid and sterile dosage forms.


3.80 2002 5.90 2005 7.90 2008 9.70 2011 12.00 2014 13.90 2017 16.20 2021 16.90 2023

* Production of tablets and capsules in billion pieces

We guarantee our production processes’ high quality and cost efficiency by regularly increasing our production capabilities and upgrading our systems.

We pay special attention to digitalisation. We have introduced electronic planning, production documentation and related automation, and paperless operations. Digitalisation and robotisation allow us to respond promptly and adequately to market demands. We have introduced a product traceability system and a system for preventing entry into the legal supply chain of falsified medicinal products (in line with the so-called Falsified Medicines Directive used in the EU, the Russian Federation, and other markets). In addition, we follow the specific requirements for packaging materials as we are aware that every day more than 70 markets expect to receive our finished products for which both packaging language and content have been adapted to meet their individual requirements.

An essential part of our processes is performed in NOTOL 2 production plant, which started running in 2015. In 2018, Krka was announced as the best manufacturing company in Slovenia and presented the Factory of the Year Award, with NOTOL 2 recognised as a state-of-the-art production plant employing a high level of digitalisation, automation, and robotisation supported by modern computerised systems. More than one-third of the Krka Group products are manufactured in NOTOL 2.

Production plants in countries outside Slovenia are essential as they allow the supply of our products to key markets. All of these production plants and distribution centres are equipped with new production machinery. This further consolidated our position as a local manufacturer.

We provide high-quality products, ensure employee safety, and operate with speed and flexibility. We have a wide range of products that enables us to adapt to the demands of our many diverse markets efficiently.

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