Krka has been present in the Croatian market since the very beginnings, founding its representative office in the 1960s. In 1992, the former representative office was transformed into KRKA – FARMA d.o.o. with its head office in Zagreb. At that time, the company had 19 employees, whereas today KRKA-FARMA d.o.o. employs more than 200 people.

In 2001, Krka built a modern distribution and production center in Jastrebarsko, near Zagreb. Four years later we opened a production plant there and obtained the status of a domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer, which made Croatia become one of Krka’s key markets. Today we operate two production plants: one is specialized for the manufacturing of oncology products, the other for solid veterinary-medicinal products.

Krka has built its position in Croatia based on the high quality of its products and partnerships with clients, including physicians, pharmacists and other business partners. This made it one of the leading generic pharmaceutical companies in Croatia today.

Over 85% of sales in Croatia come from prescription pharmaceuticals, 7% are non-prescription products and 8% of sales are animal health products.

In Krka’s portfolio of prescription pharmaceuticals, the most important medicinal products are those for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, gastroenterology pharmaceuticals, analgesics, pharmaceuticals for the central nervous system and antibiotics.

The most important among non-prescription products are those for treating flu and cold-related symptoms and for pain relief.

In the animal health portfolio, the most important products for dogs and cats are antiparasitic products and analgesics. In the farm animal product range, the focus is on metaphylaxis and treatment of respiratory diseases in cattle, pigs and sheep, as well as on Ecocid S disinfectant solution.

Krka will continue to strengthen its position in the Croatian market by complementing its range with new high-quality, reliable, modern products. This will continue to form the foundation for further growth of Krka’s sales in Croatia.


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