The Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for continuous assessment of corporate compliance risks and coordination of business processes.

The Chief Compliance Officer proposes and establishes an efficient internal control system and takes care of raising awareness, training and consulting about enhancing business integrity. The Chief Compliance Officer addresses reports on inappropriate conduct and violations of applicable regulations, internal rules and ethical principles. The Chief Compliance Officer is also responsible for reporting to company management about corporate compliance at Krka.

Reporting inappropriate conduct

All employees as well as third persons can report instances of suspected fraud.

If a Krka employee detects any act indicating suspected fraud, they must inform their superior. If the nature of suspected fraud or its circumstances do not permit this, they must inform the Head of Legal Affairs or the Chief Compliance Officer. Suspected fraud can be reported anonymously. The address for reporting suspected fraud is

If the informer does not wish to stay anonymous, they can report the suspected fraud by telephone. They may call the following persons:

  • Chief Compliance Officer at +386 7 331 26 00
  • Head of Legal Affairs at +386 7 331 95 95

Krka undertakes to treat the informer’s data confidentially, professionally and with due care, and to protect the informer properly against any retaliatory measures.

Rules on Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation determine key objectives, principles and rules for fraud management.


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The Code of Conduct is our main document on corporate compliance.



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