Annual general meeting

The Annual General Meeting is Krka’s highest body. This is where shareholders participate in the company’s governance and where all key decisions are taken. Each share, except for treasury shares, represents one vote at the general meeting. Krka has one share class only: ordinary no-par value shares.

The Management Board calls the AGM once a year, at least 30 days before the actual day of the meeting. Upon request, all the materials for each AGM can be viewed at the Company’s registered office from the day of the notice.

All shareholders registered in the shareholder ledger as at the record date, which is published in the notice, have the right to attend the AGM and vote. The same applies to their representatives and proxies.

Financial reports

We are committed to improving our business performance and making our business information publicly available in a timely and transparent manner.

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As a public limited company, Krka is liable for publishing information related to company operations.



The five-year Krka Group Development Strategy serves as the blueprint for our future operations.



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