North Macedonia

Krka opened its first representative office in North Macedonia in the 1970s. Today we operate through a subsidiary with a highly educated and dedicated staff, boasting many years of close and successful cooperation with health care professionals and organisations.

Today Krka Farma Skopje is Krka’s subsidiary with a team of 43 highly educated employees, mostly with medical background, and one of the leading companies in the market. Throughout the years, Krka has built its market position not only with the sale of its products, but also by introducing the modern treatment doctrine by promoting modern therapy in the treatment of various diseases, primarily with its cardiovascular, CNS, pain, PPI and urology portfolios. The most recognizable brands in North Macedonia are Atoris, Roswera, Nolaza, Prenessa, Enap, Tanyz and Helex.

This process includes continuous medical education, organization of professional meetings, workshops, symposia, congresses and health education of the population. We build and maintain strong relations in collaboration with our business partners, since the only viable strategy during the times of rapid change and strong competition is to sell high-quality, value-added products. 

North Macedonia is one of Krka’s markets with the highest number of registered products. In the pharmaceuticals program we have 114 registered products in 330 different pharmaceutical forms, strengths and packages.

In the non-prescription program we have 28 registered products in 39 different pharmaceutical forms, strengths and packages.

In the animal health program we have 34 registered products in 90 different pharmaceutical forms, strengths and packages.


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