Krka entered the Romanian market with a representative office in 1995. Later, we established a limited liability company in 2009. Our main role is to promote Krka’s brands and products, have good results and an upward evolution in the market.

Krka’s team strives to accomplish the main purpose of promotional activities and strengthen Krka’s position in the market. We combine the power of the field force department with the company’s management. We build trust in all the products we promote, which are supported by evidence from clinical studies for our key therapeutic areas. As we are one of the few generic pharmaceutical companies that support clinical studies, this is our competitive edge and one of the most important differentiations in the market with more than 300 competitors.

Krka’s portfolio in the Romanian market consists mainly of prescription products, apart from non-prescription and animal health products. Our products for cardiovascular diseases represent more than half of Krka`s sales in the Romanian market, followed by the medicines for alimentary diseases, diseases of the central nervous system, pain and others. Krka is among few companies with a very diverse portfolio of medicines used in hypertension therapies, which represent 26% of Krka’s total sales. At the end of 2020, Krka was the 2nd largest generic company in terms of volume in the Romanian market of pharmaceuticals.

We are looking forward to the future with enthusiasm, taking into account the needs of patients as well as the need for prevention. Our focus is to help everyone stay healthy and improve the quality of life.


Splaiul Independentei 319, 10th Floor, 6th District
060032 Bucharest