Russian federation

Krka has been present in the Russian market for over 50 years, since the mid-sixties. Due to our professional attitude, we gained trust among patients, physicians, pharmacists and Russian wholesales companies. We have earned a reputation of being a reliable supplier of pharmaceutical products.

Krka established production facilities in the Russian Federation in 2003. Since then, we have steadily increased capacity, the number of employees and production facilities.

The Russian team is the most numerous among all Krka teams abroad. It consists of more than 1,800 employees. Today, Krka in Russia ranks among TOP 3 foreign suppliers of generic medicines, with a 1.9% market share.

Krka is the leading provider of cardiovascular medicines and one of the main producers of prescription pharmaceuticals in several therapeutic areas. Our major prescription medicines cover diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, central nervous system and pain relief. Krka also covers other therapeutic areas like diabetes, antiplatelet therapy, oncology, urology, antibiotics for bacterial infections, etc. Krka also provides a wide range of non-prescription medicines and animal health products.

In all of these areas, we follow our main principle of delivering high-quality, effective and safe up-to-date medicines at affordable prices.


Ul. Moskovskaya, d. 50
143500 Moskovskaya oblast Istra


Ul. Moskovskaya, d.50
143500 Moskovska oblast, Istra