Slovenia is the birthplace of the Krka Group. Over a span of seven decades, a small family laboratory from Novo mesto evolved into a global generic pharmaceutical company that employs more than 12,000 flexible, dedicated and highly skilled employees. Our presence extends on more than 70 markets across the world thanks to prowess and inspiration of many generations, but the registered office remains in Slovenia, where also strategic objectives are set. Our top managers also call Slovenia home.

We have been one of the most reputable Slovenian companies for decades. We are one of the largest and most successful companies in the country, and also a major Slovenian exporter. Our experts’ comprehensive knowledge enables us to develop continuously and introduce many new technologies, which support constant growth and product portfolio diversification. Our new products are based on our in-house research-and-development solutions and we manufacture them in state-of-the-art production plants. We are committed to highest quality. Innovativeness is embedded in all phases of working processes. We have won our place among the leading companies in the world thanks to automation and computer support levels.

Close to 200 active ingredients in many pharmaceutical forms, strengths, and pack sizes from our product range are available in Slovenia. Our medicine supplies account for more than one quarter of the Slovenian market share. As the largest medicine supplier, we are fully aware of our responsibility for patients’ health. We closely follow their needs. We endeavour to understand them, and foster development in dialogue with healthcare providers, not only by coming up with quality solutions, but also in diagnostics and raising patient awareness in general. We understand that many associations from various healthcare segments help increase the therapy quality for patients. We therefore support their effort to communicate the importance of preventive, curative, and quality way of life for chronic patients.

We continuously invest in new products, research-and-development and other facilities fostering progress. We are committed to responsible attitude to the environment, natural heritage, animals, and people. For many years, we have been making donations to support a wide assortment of socially responsible projects, and sponsoring sports and artistic clubs.


Dunajska cesta 65
1000 Ljubljana

TERME KRKA, d.o.o., Novo mesto

Novi trg 1
8000 Novo mesto