Krka’s representative office in Turkmenistan was registered in January 2013. However, Krka products had been present on the market already before that.

Our major products in Turkmenistan market are those for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases (Amlessa, Co-Amlessa), gastrointestinal diseases (Nolpaza) and OTC products (Pikovit, Herbion, Septolete Total).

We offer high-quality products and new treatment options for Turkmen patients following the latest guidelines. Thus, the professional public perceives Krka as an innovative generic pharmaceutical company.

Today, Krka is one of the leading generic producers in the Turkmenistan market, offering prescription pharmaceuticals and non-prescription products for human use.

Representative office Turkmenistan

Ankara street (1946), 23,
Office building »Rysgal Bank«, room 803
744000 Ašgabat