Waste management is an important part of Krka’s sustainable development strategy – we make sure we comply with all statutory requirements and guidelines.


The best type of waste is no waste at all. Our priority therefore lies in making sure we prevent the formation of waste in the first place. Nevertheless, waste cannot be prevented entirely – we manage it in a comprehensive manner and champion waste reuse, since waste is also an important source of raw materials and energy.  What we may see as waste someone else may see as an opportunity, hence special attention is paid to separating waste at source, i.e. where it is generated.

To this end, we set up a waste system that involves advanced equipment for separate collection, pressing and waste transportation. The system’s success depends on employees – we can reach our environmental policy goals only if everyone pulls their weight.  An important part of our activities is regular waste management training for our employees.


We achieve our goals by constantly improving the waste management system and increasing the quantity of separately collected waste materials.

In 2022, we handed over a total of 567 tonnes of waste composites for processing, from which the contractor recovered 187 tonnes of aluminium and 332 tonnes of plastic. We handed over 116.8 tonnes of organic waste to obtain biogas via anaerobic digestion, reducing emissions by 10.5 t CO2-eq.

To mitigate certain risks related to waste management of certain types of waste in Slovenia, we diversified this field and began working with more Slovenian and foreign waste collection and removal companies.

567 t
of waste composites
collected in 2023
2,700+ t
of waste packaking
collected and handed over anually
3,6 %
less waste disposed
in 2023 compared to 2022 despite an increase in production

Waste that was handed over to recycling (in tonnes)

We are committed to preventing waste generation and prioritising waste preparation for reuse.

Krka has its own separate waste collection system; waste is then handed over to waste-collection and removal partners. We annually collect and hand over for processing 2,700 tonnes of waste packaging.

2,422 2019 2,372 2020 2,381 2021 2,532 2022 2,786 2023

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