Simon Erri Pantar

Project Manager, Engineering and Technical Services


I have a degree in electrical engineering and a postgraduate degree from the Faculty of Organisation Studies. My career at Krka began at the Metrology department, where I worked as a technician responsible for implementing new weight/mass calibration procedures.

After that, I worked as Head of Technical Services at Krka’s subsidiary in the Russian Federation for six and a half years. Working abroad is especially challenging as you are placed in a completely new environment and surrounded by people speaking a foreign language. But it is also an opportunity to gain invaluable work experience and a new and wider outlook on life.

During my career I have had the opportunity to acquire knowledge in different areas of expertise and familiarise myself with our business and working processes. My current position is that of a project manager. The work I do is dynamic, diverse, and demands good organisational skills. The enthusiasm brought by my close-knit team contributes to the success of our investments, from their initial stages that include planning, to their final realisation.

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