Tibor Karcz

IT Manager, KRKA Magyarország Kft., Hungary


I started working at Krka in 2007 as an IT associate. I had never worked in a large corporate environment before, so I was faced with a lot of new tasks, systems and challenges. Krka gave me an opportunity to learn about enterprise IT solutions and thus to further train myself and expand my knowledge in both my own and related areas.

As the IT field is developing very dynamically, I need to be up to date in my work, and Krka gives me a good basis for this. During my years here I have learned a lot of new systems, which has allowed me to improve my knowledge.

I am currently working as an IT Manager; my job consists mainly of managing different IT systems and managing the local IT department. As well as enjoying the tasks involved, I also find it exciting to work in our department, where we often work in collaboration with other departments on different projects; the latter made it possible for me to get to know the work of other departments. This has provided me with a complex perspective on both the work processes and the way Krka works as a whole, helping the organisation to develop.

Krka provides opportunities for using the most advanced technologies and professional development. I believe that long-term cooperation allows me to smoothly manage IT-related tasks and problems that may arise. Over the years, it has become clear to me that Krka is a stable and reliable place to work, which I can rely on both professionally and as a person.

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