Aleš Kaučič

HQ Marketing Manager for the area, Regional Marketing


During my studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Ljubljana, I expected that my interest in biotechnology will steer me towards research, but as I started working on my research paper and later my graduation thesis, I discovered that laboratory work was too monotonous for me. I wanted to delve into something more dynamic, so I happily accepted the position in Product Marketing Pharmaceuticals at Krka.

Soon after completing my internship I was appointed Project Manager of gastroenterology brands. This was a big challenge for me because we were just preparing to launch Nolpaza, which to this day remains one of Krka’s most important products.

Seven years later, I was offered a great career opportunity. Apart from pharmaceuticals, I have always had an interest in doing business and working with people. I started working as HQ Marketing Manager for the are. In just a few years, I got to know several of our markets: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Belarus, Albania and Kosovo, the Middle East (Iran and Iraq), and last but not least, Greece.

As HQ Marketing Manager for the area, I am responsible for the marketing teams in all our markets. My work includes selecting local Marketing Managers, giving directions to the entire local team, overseeing sales results, preparing marketing strategies and investment plans for the entire portfolio of products, planning the launches of new products, defining prices, overseeing the implementation of strategies, monitoring cost efficiency and many other tasks.

Mine is a responsible and dynamic job position that demands a strong, proactive and ambitious person capable of teamwork who is also a leader and motivator. It is also a job position that requires analytical skills, meticulousness, attention to details and being goal-oriented.

Over the span of my career, I have visited many different countries, many of which I would not have seen if not for work. This is an aspect that makes me enjoy my work even more. At Krka, I have always had the opportunity and support to further my education, both through internal training and elsewhere.

I am very satisfied with my career at Krka, as I have had many opportunities for growth and support in achieving both business and personal goals. It is also important to feel good at work. I have also been lucky in this department, as we are a team of positive and happy people that always find a word of encouragement for one another despite our daily challenges.

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