Jasna Meško Obretan

Head of Therapeutic Area, Product Marketing, Pharmaceuticals


My relationship with Krka started during my studies at the university as I was a holder of Krka’s scholarship. Right before getting my degree, Krka’s Human Resources department talked to me about the work of a Brand Manager. ‘That’s it!’ I said to myself.

I signed the employment contract just two weeks later and started working as an intern. Looking back, I am grateful to have been given this position. I make sure that the development of the brands I manage is moving in the right direction. My work is very dynamic – I have to stay on top of all the latest developments, prepare promotional content and carry out analyses of sales results.

I also prepare strategies and plan tactics to achieve the set sales goals. Working in marketing means having to adapt to the ever-changing environment we do business in. Even today, after having been working in this field for 10 years, I encounter completely new tasks. In my day-to-day work, I cooperate with over 20 markets. I make many video conference calls and often travel for business. On my trips to other markets I work with local teams and help them take advantage of our strategies and tactics: Think globally, act locally. The work of a Brand Manager is closely linked to the work of other departments in Marketing and the entire company. We are a large goal-oriented team not afraid to sound our opinions and ideas. Once I passed the internship exam, the Deputy Director of Marketing said to me she wished I will enjoy every day of my future work here. I am proud to say that her wishes have come true.

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