Katarzyna Filipek

Head of Shift, KRKA – POLSKA Sp. z o.o., Poland


My career path at Krka Polska began in 2020 as Head of Shift in the production department. During the difficult and uncertain time of the Covid-19 pandemic, I wanted to work in a stable and dynamically developing company with a friendly atmosphere. At the end of the implementation period, I was offered the position of a technologist. It was a great honor for me and allowed me to gain new skills and knowledge.

During my career at Krka, I have gained great skills and experience and I have had an opportunity to participate in several important projects that allowed me to get to know the production process and various software dependencies even better.

This allowed me to get to know my strengths and weaknesses, as well as gain experience in team management. Participation in numerous training programs addressed to our employees gave me an opportunity to develop as a trainer. This is very important because my work is to help employees solve everyday production problems. In this way, I can contribute to the achievement of company goals by utilizing my strengths – flexibility, optimism and creativity.

A professional career at Krka brings many challenges, but thanks to a well-coordinated team and the support of my superiors, I can always count on their advice, experience and help in overcoming difficulties. In my work, I focus on the positive attitude, goal orientation and continuous development. I feel proud to be part of Krka, a company that values personal development, innovative thinking and hard work.

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