Katja Šopar

Senior Professional Associate for Safety of Medicinal Products, Pharmacovigilance


I started working in pharmacovigilance while I was still finishing my studies. When I graduated, I worked as an intern for a Senior Professional Associate for Safety of Medicinal Products.

In the Pharmacovigilance department, we monitor the safety of medicinal products and related adverse effects once marketing authorisation has been obtained. We are an extremely meticulous, well-organised and flexible team that interacts well with other departments. We share a common passion for research and continuous improvement of the safety, quality and efficacy of Krka’s medicinal products.

Apart from the motivation that comes from a well-functioning and close-knit team, our management also encourages us to take the initiative and strive for progress and work optimisation. Regular communication with external companies and Krka’s subsidiaries abroad contributes to our professional and personal growth.

Our pharmacovigilance team is comprised predominantly of people with degrees in pharmacy, medicine, and veterinary medicine. However, an education in natural sciences is not a must for this job because we think passion for this kind of work is far more important.

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