Erika Nadlučnik

Head of animal health product sales in Poland


I began my career at Krka a decade ago when I took over the Polish sales office. After my first job in a start-up company, Krka felt like a whole new world. Poland is Krka’s second biggest key market. Business operations there are very structured, and the Polish pharmaceutical market is very developed, dynamic, sensitive to prices and challenging.

As Krka employees, we are encouraged to learn foreign languages, so I accepted the challenge and learnt Polish. I have been communicating with our Polish clients in Polish for more than eight years now, which has certainly helped improve our business relations.

From the outset Krka allowed me to work at the Krka-Polska subsidiary, where I spent two and a half years developing the Polish market for animal health products. This is an exciting field that has seen many changes in recent years. Operating in such a large market during structural changes that affected everything from healthcare professionals, distribution, market organisation, commercial policy, etc., proved to be an invaluable experience. Working abroad allows you to understand the sales and post-sales processes in greater detail and familiarise yourself with the needs of all stakeholders. Such a dynamic market requires you to be resourceful, flexible and goal-oriented – these skills can be developed daily through direct contact with the market.

If you are dynamic and goal-oriented motivated by global market challenges, then our Sales department is the right place for you.

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