Michelle Liang

Director, KRKA Shanghai Representative Office, China

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I joined Krka’s Shanghai Representative Office in 2010 after I graduated from university, working as Assistant Manager mainly responsible for sourcing in China. I took care of product inquiries, providing market research and project follow-up.

Through this process, I got a chance to understand the pharmaceutical supply environment, get familiar with Krka’s portfolio and project status according to demands. I have been able to work with different departments in HQ and gained knowledge in different fields.

I was appointed Director of Krka SH RO in 2018 in charge of all China supply-related activities, which cover areas such as sourcing, technical transfer and supplier auditing. I’m really impressed with the international cooperation with different departments in headquarters. I enjoy working together with my supportive colleagues. Together it’s easier to solve challenges and achieve our targets.

I feel incredibly proud to be part of Krka, a company that values personal growth, innovative thinking, and dedication. I am looking forward to continuing my journey and making a positive impact in the pharmaceutical industry, while keeping an eye on new technologies that could help us achieve even greater success.

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