Petra Smerke

Head of Supply Chain Planning


After gaining several years’ experience in purchasing, I started working at Krka in 2013. My first job was in the Supply Chain department. During the first few years on the job, I got to know the company better through preparing and monitoring production plans for Krka’s plants, and through different project groups I was a part of. My work included occasional business trips to other countries, but above all it encouraged me to hone my analytical thinking and problem solving skills, improve my communication, and uphold my responsibility for uninterrupted and timely supply of Krka’s products to our markets.

After three years, I took on more responsibilities as I started to lead a smaller team of co-workers and organise their work in the planning of solid dosage forms. My skills and knowledge, obtained at various company educational and training programmes, and at Krka’s Leadership School, have improved immensely – my work has become more professional, inclusive, long-term, and strategic.

I have been working as Head of Supply Chain Planning since 2019. There are 40 employees in my department. Since starting my career I have been motivated by daily challenges and opportunities to improve the supply of products. The possibilities for contributing to our goals through a proactive approach, strong decision-making and good teamwork are practically endless. In Supply Chain Planning, no day is the same – our daily activities are tightly intertwined with the activities of other organisational units, which means that our department is an excellent place to learn the ropes of the company at home and abroad.

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