Employee care

The Krka Group offers capable employees interesting work in an international environment and an opportunity to develop and advance in business, professional and personal spheres. Together at Krka we are building a culture of mutual trust, respect, effective collaboration and teamwork, involving lifelong learning and responsible and effective work.

We respect legal norms and rules on ethical approaches to other people and the wider social environment. Work at Krka is based on equal opportunities regardless of sex, race, colour, age health condition or disability, religion, political orientation or other belief, trade union membership, national or social origin, family status, property status, sexual orientation or other personal circumstances.

The many prizes and awards Krka has been granted are the result of systematic work in the human resource sphere, in which senior management and heads of units were involved, as well as specialist services and other partners.

New employees are attracted to the Company via job announcements and advertisements online, and Krka also cooperates with schools and faculties, and organises presentations at human resource fairs.

New specialists are also found via scholarship programmes. The Krka website has an option that is always open to (university and school) student applications.

The need to identify and direct the most gifted people early means we are also active in the wider social environment. The Krka Awards are another means of encouraging young people to become involved in creative and research work.

Number of employees as on 31 December:

  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 Index 2016/2015
Krka Company in Slovenia 4343 4292 4256 4190 4085 101
Krka's representative offices outside Slovenia 546 506 482 438 410 107
Krka Company 4889  4798 4738 4628 4495 102
Subsidiaries outside Slovenia 5388 5151 5130 4764 4287 105
Terme Krka Group 576 578 585 605 627 100
Farma GRS* 36 37 46 51 52 97
Krka Group 10889 10564 10499 10048 9461 103

*Includes micro companies founded by Farma GRS.