Supervisory Board

Franc Šašek

Franc Šašek

Deputy President of the Supervisory Board

Born in 1967, Franc Šašek is an organisational sciences graduate. He joined Krka in 1984 and is the Head of Technical Services. He has worked in engineering and technical services since the beginning, where he was also a technologist, the Head of the Technical and Technological Preparations Department, and later served as a Senior Specialist in maintenance and project management. In 2004, he was actively engaged in implementing the business process management system (SAP) as the SAP PM-maintenance project team leader and was later appointed process owner for maintenance in the Krka Group. Since 1999, he has also worked in quality assurance as a certified quality officer and quality trainer. As a certified internal quality auditor, he also conducted internal audits in the period from 2000 to 2013. He is jointly responsible for the development and maintenance of the integrated quality system at the Company.

In 2009, he underwent training for supervisory and management board members at the Slovenian Directors’ Association. He was elected president of Krka's Works Council for the 2009–2013 and 2014–2018 terms and again for the 2019–2022 term, and assumed his position on the Supervisory Board for a third term as an employee representative on 21 June 2019.