In memory of Miloš Kovačič, former Krka's President of the Management Board and Chief Executive of many years, who recently passed away, a commemoration service was held on Monday, 22 February at the Krka Hall in Novo Mesto. Members of the Management Board, former and current employees, and family members remembered his life and business achievements, which resulted in Krka becoming a renowned generic pharmaceutical company.

The President of Krka's Management Board and Chief Executive Jože Colarič said in his address that with his management style Miloš Kovačič paved the way for the formation of strong professional and leadership teams at Krka, which ensured the company's future development and business success. "Under the leadership of Miloš Kovačič with well-thought out investments, Krka was meeting the ever-increasing demands for quality products of several international institutions, was strengthening the marketing and sales network abroad, was gaining reputation in the local and foreign markets and was securing a leading position among the generic pharmaceutical companies in central and eastern Europe." In his address the President emphasised that Mr Kovačič's leadership and management qualities as well as his personal characteristics enabled Krka to always be successful through teamwork, regardless of the challenges that came its way, always coming out filled with new energy and experience that ensured the company's success in the future.

Mr Kovačič, who was born on 30 September 1934 in Novo Mesto, graduated from pharmacy to find employment at Krka in 1964. He was the director of marketing and sales for 17 years. In 1985 he was appointed the President of the Management Board of Krka, and four years later the company's Chief Executive. From 1997 to the end of 2004 he was Krka's President of the Management Board and Chief Executive. He retired at the end of 2005. Mr Kovačič devoted his entire working life of 40 years to the development of Krka. In Slovenia and abroad he received many awards and recognitions.

At the end of yesterday's commemorative service Krka's President of the Management Board and CEO Jože Colarič offerred condolences to Miloš Kovačič's family in his name and in the name of all Krka current and past employees. "He will remain in our memories as a man who greatly contributed to Krka's development. His character and work legacy will continue to contribute to Krka's future," he added.