The quality of life depends on many things: the environment in which we live, the social contacts we maintain, as well as our sense of stability and health. Patients suffering from mental disorders face numerous obstacles on a daily basis, of which only some are directly related to their health. The biggest issue is social non-acceptance, i.e. the stigma that still very much surrounds mental disorders.

The symposium was organised under the title The maze of mental disorders and the way out.

Mental disorders only rarely come individually and are often interconnected, also in the physical sense, which further complicates treatment. Krka is well aware of this issue, which is why this year's symposium was devoted to the interconnectedness of mental disorders and search for a better quality of life of patients.

Krka's international symposium The maze of mental disorders and the way out was held in Nice, France, in March, which is the month dedicated to the brain. Symposium participants were greeted by Krka's Medical Director Breda Barbič-Žagar, who stressed the importance of high-quality generic medicines for treating mental disorders. With wide range of medicines we offer physicians a tailored approach to treatment and help raise the patient's quality of life.

We are particularly pleased that along with Prof. Jozef Dragašek and Dr. Mirjana Radovanović we were able to present the first results of a comprehensive epidemiological study COSMOS, which included more than 3,000 patients with mental disorders. We also discussed the intricacies of the complex maze of mental disorders and its impact on the stigma and the quality of life of patients.