4. 3. 2019

Anyone can be a volunteer

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“It makes me happy if I can help others and make them happy. Good deeds enrich my life. They make me feel good about myself, giving me extra energy and strength.” This is how Betka Luštek, Krka’s 2018 Volunteer of the Year sees being a volunteer. She believes that charity and volunteering are self-evident in any person who wants to help others. Her actions speak louder than words, as she volunteers in a number of projects.

Betka Luštek, Krka's 2018 Volunteer of the Year

“Volunteering is an important part of making life better and striving for a more just society. It plays a vital role in the future of our society, therefore any form of volunteering is more than welcome. We need to rely on one another, work together, give each other hope, aid, joy … We need all this to live!” she writes.  She has been a part of a local tourist association for many years where she participates in a number of charity projects. Every year she organises a charity Christmas-New Year’s Eve children’s play, with which they visit kindergartens, schools and retirement homes; last year they also performed at the Novo mesto General Hospital.

Her humanitarian note was particularly evident last year when with by a group of other volunteers she organised a charity event; they set up a charity concert to raise funds for one of our co-workers that has been confined to a wheelchair due to illness. “Nine volunteers participated in this event, including Krka employees. None of us had previous experience with such a thing, but we all wanted to do our part. We succeeded with the help of other volunteers and various organisations.”

Spreading the message of charity and volunteering
Last December, Betka Luštek received the title Krka 2019 Volunteer of the Year due to her selfless acts.  “This is a great honour that I am more than happy to share with other volunteers who cooperate with me at charitable events. My co-workers, who have always supported me and acknowledged my work and enthusiasm, wanted to contribute as well.  For this reason we began 2019 with a charity event. We performed our children’s play at the beginning of the year for the children of Krka employees

and donated the money raised to one of our co-workers with a sick child.” She also states that she is proud to work for a company that cherishes the values of volunteering as highly as Krka does.

Krka’s Week of Charity and Volunteering will take place on 8-13 April, for the eighth time in a row, echoing Betka’s own beliefs that anyone can be a volunteer – you just need a big, open heart.

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