12. 3. 2018

Being a volunteer equals giving and accepting

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Krka’s Volunteer of the Year 2017 Boštjan Kmet believes that volunteering is one of the most sincere ways of reaching out to your fellow human being, so for many years he has been spending his free time in various projects aimed at helping other people. He was nominated by his closest co-workers who recognized his numerous efforts.

Being a volunteer equals giving and accepting

Boštjan is a regular blood donor who has donated this vital fluid 35 times. The father of five, he devotes his time to working with children and young people, sharing his culture of volunteering and caring for others. With his wife he runs a marriage group in which members support one another and prepare charity-based gatherings. He is also the team coordinator in a volunteer work camp Summerjob that aims to help individuals and families that cannot perform their house chores themselves.

He states that being named Volunteer of the Year is a valuable recognition to him: “I would like to share this recognition will all my friends with whom we collaborate on volunteer projects. Volunteering is a two-way street, since no volunteer can do what he/she does if there is no one who is willing to accept your help. Sometimes I find myself on one or the other side of the equation – in the end everyone is happy.”

A chance to gain new experiences and acquaintances
As a committed volunteer, Boštjan is regularly involved with Krka’s Week of Charity and Volunteering, which this year will be held on 9-14 April for the seventh year in a row. He fondly remembers the time spent in occupational activity centres. “I love Krka’s campaign, because it encourages you and gives you an opportunity to do and learn something new. It is a chance to get rid of your prejudice and unconscious fear of people who are different, making you see the positives; this is something that happened to me. When I shared some of my talents with the wards, they in turn did the same. It was an enriching experience, and we learnt a lot from one another.


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