9. 4. 2019

Good deeds of Krka employees bring happiness to many

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The first half of 8th Krka’s Week of Charity and Volunteering is behind us. We are happy to see such large turnout during which Krka employees engaged in numerous acts of charity across Slovenia and abroad. Their acts of kindness helped many in need, bringing smiles to their faces. We also donated lots of blood and various items to charity organisations.

Good deeds of Krka employees bring happiness to many

Krka’s Week of Charity and Volunteering traditionally kicked off with a blood donation campaign in Novo mesto, Ljubljana and Ljutomer. Many of our colleagues donated clothes, footwear, pet food and other necessities. We demonstrated how quick and efficient we can be when packing food and sorting out clothes at Karitas and Red Cross organisations.

We organised a host of pleasant meetings in numerous retirement homes across Slovenia. We helped the residents solve memory building tasks, we sang and danced together, and participated in various creative workshops. We prepared an interesting programme at occupational activity centres. In Novo mesto we organised a dance workshop for elementary school pupils, took the wards of an occupational activity centre on a tour of our Notol 2 plant and went for a swim in Terme Dolenjske Toplice with the wards of a youth home. The volunteers were accompanied by Krka’s mascot, Piko the Cat.

To become a volunteer you only need a big and open heart. Any contribution or an act of kindness goes a long way.

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