13. 2. 2017

International photo exhibition in celebration of the Slovenian Culture Day opened at Krka

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A photo exhibition by Krka employees who participated in the international photo contest was opened at Krka to mark this year’s Culture Day. The landscape motifs captured on camera tell the story of successful bringing together Krka employees of different nationalities and cultures. 

International photo exhibition in celebration of the Slovenian Culture Day opened at Krka

At Krka we are aware that we fulfil our mission Living a healthy life with high quality, safe and effective products intended for treating a wide range of diseases and also by enabling people to live a quality and satisfying life. We see a symbolic connection between our core activity and culture as they both cure, each in its own way, with the culture nurturing in particular our souls. We therefore encourage our employees to discover and develop their talents that are not only related to their work, but include their cultural and social life.

The photos displayed at the exhibition were taken by Krka employees whose hobby is photography. They were created for the photo contest. At first, only Krka employees from Slovenia were invited but later the contest became an international project. It is now held in all countries where Krka has its companies and representative offices.

The number of Krka employees whose hobby is photography and who take part in the creation of the landscape calendars has significantly increased through years, which is reflected in the quality of photos and rich variety of motifs. Last year alone, 71 Krka employees from 14 countries sent 521 photos, of which 12 representative photos were selected by the jury. Among all photos received in the previous years, the jury made a selection of landscape motifs which are now on display at the Krka Gallery at the company’s headquarters.

The photos take us on a journey from Slovenia, through other parts of Europe to distant Asia. An innovative project based on Krka’s multicultural environment offers all lovers of photography exciting views of the nature and life, telling the story of Krka employees who are creative and work together towards a common goal, regardless of the geographic distances between them.

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