2. 6. 2019

Krka Awards Celebrating Krka Employees

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Time and again, the traditional Krka Awards Day demonstrates that Krka employees across the world are united by their common mission and values regardless of their language or country. Also this year, we honour all employees who have contributed to the success of the company with their loyalty, enthusiasm, hard work and innovation, and achieved their personal and creative perfection.

Krka Awards Celebrating Krka Employees

We awarded plaques at a ceremony to this year’s long-service employees, best employees, best managers, and colleagues who excelled at innovation. We also gave out the Boris Andrijanič Award for remarkable achievements to two nominees, Director of New Products Suzana Kolenc and Medical Director and Director of Strategic Marketing Breda Barbič Žagar.

We at Krka are aware that employees are key to our company success marking it with their work, knowledge and dedication. This was one of the things that President of the Management Board and CEO Mr Colarič emphasised when he congratulated the recipients of the 2019 Krka Awards at the ceremony in Otočec and acknowledged their contribution to development of Krka.

Two 2019 Boris Andrijanič Awards for Remarkable Achievements

This year, Krka gave out two highest awards. Director of New Products Suzana Kolenc and Medical Director and Director of Strategic Marketing Breda Barbič Žagar received 2019 Boris Andrijanič Awards for their exceptional and outstanding contribution to the business success of Krka. Mrs Kolenc and her co-workers were instrumental for advancing the portfolio of new Krka products, which has grown by more than 200 medicines over the past few years. We have managed to put more than 40 of them on the market before the competitors. Mrs Barbič Žagar has vast knowledge of medicine, applicable guidelines and latest findings in this field and her contribution to designing the Krka product strategy is significant. Their work importantly helped increase sales and consolidate our position among the leading generic pharmaceutical companies in the world.

As We Grow, so Does the Number of Long-Service Employees

The number of employees has been rising and has increased from a handful in the small laboratory to more than 12,500 members of staff in 45 subsidiaries and representative offices across the world. Generations of inventive and creative members of staff have been making it possible for the company to grow throughout its 65 years of existence into one of the largest and most successful generic pharmaceutical companies. This year, 736 Krka Group employees celebrate their work anniversaries. Of them, 425 have worked at the Krka Group for 10 years, 49 for 20, 68 for 30, 119 for 35, and 75 for 40 years.

Plaques for their loyalty to Krka were – in addition to employees from Slovenia – also conferred on employees from Poland, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, the Republic of North Macedonia, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Mongolia, and China. Long-service employees exemplify company loyalty.

Best Employees and Best Managers

Announcing the best employee and the best manager of the year strengthens loyalty of the employees to the company and nurtures corporate climate. This year, we selected 48 best employees and 17 best managers at the organisational unit level, and 10 best employees and 5 best managers at the Group level.

The selection also comprised the 2018 Marketing Awards winners: 49 best medical representatives, 3 best marketing managers, 5 best brand managers, 10 best district managers, 2 best heads of area and one best internal trainer. Awards, commendations and recognitions were conferred on 5 most successful employees in the field of regulatory affairs in 2018.

In addition to the employees from Slovenia, also employees from Krka subsidiaries and representative offices from Poland, the Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Hungary, Armenia, Romania, Germany, Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of North Macedonia, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Portugal received recognitions as best managers and best employees, and marketing awards and recognitions for regulatory affairs.  Awards in regulatory affairs were also conferred on employees from Hungary, Sweden, Albaina, and Belarus. They prove that we are an international company, which has been growing and strengthening its business network abroad.

Awarded Inventions

On this occasion, we also gave out awards for inventions. Employee proposals significantly contribute to reducing costs and improving work processes. That is why in addition to the awards that employees receive for each innovative proposal and awards for improvements resulting in computed or estimated savings we also use other incentives for rewarding inventions. Nominated proposers receive special awards at the Krka Awards Day. Each proposer receives a practical prize and once a year all proposers gather at a meeting. The President of the Management Board also sends all proposers thank you letters each New Year and practical gifts.

Also at 2019 Krka Awards, special awards were given out for the best proposal, the best proposer, and the best improvement. It has become a tradition to gather all proposers at a meeting held at the end of each year. On that occasion, also the head of an organisational unit with the highest number of useful proposals and suggestions for improvements receives an award.