31. 5. 2016

Krka Awards – celebrating Krka employees

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The traditional Krka Awards Day again confirmed that Krka employees all around the world are brought together by a common mission and values regardless of the language that they speak. Also this year Krka awarded all those who have contributed to the company’s achievements with their loyalty, enthusiasm, hard work and innovation, thereby achieving a personal and creative success.

Krka Awards - celebrating Krka employees

Plaques were awarded to this year’s long-service employees, best employees, best managers and colleagues who excelled at innovation. We also conferred the Boris Andrijanič Award for remarkable achievements. This year it was awarded to Zvezdana Bajc, Deputy CEO – Corporate Performance and a long-term member of the Management Board. In his speech, President of Krka’s Management Board and CEO Jože Colarič thanked all of the recipients for their contribution to Krka’s growth.

At Krka we are aware that the people are at the heart of the company and that the company’s success is above all the result of the energy and enthusiasm that the employees invest into common goals. This was one of the things that Mr Colarič emphasised when he congratulated the recipients of the 2016 Krka Award and acknowledged their contribution to Krka’s development.

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