28. 5. 2017

Krka Awards Day

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At a ceremony near the Otočec castle we conferred recognition awards to those employees who celebrated their many years of service, best employees and best managers as well as those who proposed the most useful proposals and improvements.

Krka Awards Day

We are aware that it is of particular importance that the employees are prepared and capable to pursue the strategies that are set out. Therefore, for 63 years we have been fostering the shared values that join employees in over 40 countries around the world. Even though Krka employees today speak various languages, they are led by common goals, knowledge, experience and motivation to common achievements and the company growth. This is supported also by the traditional ceremony Krka Awards Day.

For several decades we have been awarding recognitions to employees who have been employed at Krka and its companies and representative offices for 10, 20, 30, 35 and 40 years. This year, 781 Krka Group employees celebrate their work anniversaries. 474 of these have worked at the Krka Group for 10 years, 91 for 20, 85 for 30, 82 for 35 and 49 for 40 years.

At Krka we every year select best employees and best managers. In such a way, the loyalty of the employees and the positive atmosphere are strengthened in the company. This year, we selected 50 best employees and 18 best managers at each organisational unit level, and 10 best employees and 5 best managers at the Group level among 127 award winners.

Awards for inventive work were also conferred on this occasion. Employee proposals significantly contribute to reducing costs and improving work processes. Also at this year’s Krka Awards special awards were conferred: the award for the most useful proposal, the award for the proposer of the best improvement, the award for the best proposer and the award to the best organisational unit with the most useful proposals and improvements with regard to the number of employees. This year it was conferred to Engineering and Technical Services.