22. 5. 2019

Krka Operating Results for the First Quarter of 2019

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In the first quarter of 2019, the Krka Group sales totalled €378.5 million, an increase of 12% compared to the first quarter last year, resulting in €70.3 million of net profit, or a 42% year-on-year rise.

Sales of Products and Services by Region

Krka largest region was East Europe, which generated €122.1 million or 32.4% of the Krka Group total sales. Year-on-year, sales grew by 15%.

Region Central Europe, which includes the Visegrad Group and the Baltic states, was the second largest region in terms of sales, its share accounting for €85.9 million or 22.8% of total Krka Group sales. Year-on-year, sales grew by 6%.

Region West Europe, the third largest region, generated €84.3 million or 22.3% of total Krka Group sales. Compared to the same period last year, sales grew by 14%.

Product sales in Region South-East Europe amounted to €50.4 million, 14% more than in the same period last year, and accounted for 13.4% of total Krka Group sales.

In Slovenia, sales amounted to €22 million or 5.8% of total sales. The growth rate was 3%.

Region Overseas Markets generated product sales of €12.6 million, 16% more than in the first quarter last year, and accounted for 3.3% of total Group sales.

Sales of Products and Services by Groups

The Krka Group recorded 13% growth in sales of prescription pharmaceuticals and generated a total of €314.4 million, or 83.3% of total sales.

Ten leading prescription pharmaceuticals in terms of sales were pharmaceuticals containing: valsartan (Valsacor, Valsacombi, Vamloset, Co-Vamloset, Valarox); perindopril (Prenessa, Co-Prenessa, Amlessa, Co-Amlessa); losartan (Lorista, Lorista H, Lorista HD, Tenloris); atorvastatin (Atoris); pantoprazole (Nolpaza); esomeprazole (Emanera); rosuvastatin (Roswera); enalapril (Enap, Enap H, Enap HL, Elernap); clopidogrel (Zyllt); and candesartan (Karbis and Karbicombi). They are marketed under different brand names in individual markets.

Sales of non-prescription products totalled €36.8 million, 8% more than in the same period last year (9.7% of total sales). Sales of animal health products amounted to €17.6 million, a 7% rise over the same period last year, and accounted for 4.7% of total Group sales. Health resorts and tourist services generated €8.5 million, a 6% year-on-year increase (2.3% of total Group sales).

Research and Development

In the first quarter of 2019, Krka received marketing authorisations for two new medicines, a prescription medicine Atazanavir Krka (atazanavir) hard capsules and an animal health product Awazom (amoxicillin) powder. We expanded marketing opportunities for Krka products in all regions.


In the first quarter of 2019, the Krka Group allocated €23.7 million to investments, of that €19.6 million to the controlling company. We invested primarily in the increase of production and development, and in quality assurance. Investments were made in our own production and distribution centres around the world.


At the end of March 2019, the Krka Group had 11,370 employees, of that 5,765 abroad accounting for just under 51% of the total Krka Group headcount. The proportion of Krka Group employees with at least university-level qualifications amounted to 54%, of whom 190 held a doctoral degree. Together with agency workers, the Krka Group had 12,509 persons on payroll, or 27 more than at the end of 2018.

Since its foundation, Krka has supported volunteering, which has now become an integral part of our organisational culture. Since 2012, we have held a socially responsible campaign Krka Week of Charity and Volunteering. In April, 1,250 Krka volunteers, approximately 20% of all Krka employees in Slovenia, participated in various activities. Our colleagues from subsidiaries and representatives offices in the Russian Federation, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Serbia, Turkmenistan, Spain, North Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Slovakia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mongolia, Croatia, the Republic of Kosovo, Armenia, Bulgaria, UK, and India also joined in.

Over the past eight years, Krka volunteers have participated in more than 8,300 acts of charity. More than 930 litres of blood , 27 tonnes of various necessity items and 3.5 tonnes of pet food were collected.

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