5. 9. 2019

Live longer. Live better. Can we?

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The answer is Yes. But we need to know how. We are often not aware that we can create the future. Not in all aspects, but in many. Our personal contribution means a lot. Using the knowledge in the right way can change our lives. Knowledge combined with global action can change the world.

Eminent experts, Prof. Salim Yusuf from Canada and Prof. Michal Vrablík from the Czech Republic, involved in a lively discussion of the major issues in cardiology today.

How to change the outcomes of cardiovascular disease that has been the leading global cause of death for the past decades was the main issue of Krka’s international symposium The Power of Synergy, organized in Paris on 31 August, parallel to the ESC Congress 2019. More than 260 symposium guests from 17 countries were absorbed in listening to the expertise of one of the world’s most distinguished cardiologists, Prof. Salim Yusuf from Canada, and one of the most renowned European cardiology experts, Prof. Michal Vrablík from the Czech Republic.

The eminent experts emphasised that cardiovascular disease still represents 1/3 of all deaths worldwide (over 15 million deaths1); more than all infectious, maternal, neonatal and nutritional disorders combined, and double the number of deaths caused by cancers.

Hypertension and hyperlipidemia remain the leading risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The good news is: They can be controlled. The bad news is: They are not controlled well.

Everything is clear in theory. But what is causing the gap between theory and practice?

The symposium guests, mainly cardiology specialists, shared the opinion that addressing the major two CVD risk factors is an opportunity, which should be used better. The tools are available which can help reaching the common goal: to live longer and better. Among them also Krka’s single-pill combinations of rosuvastatin and valsartan and the recently launched rosuvastatin, perindopril and indapamide, which enable treatment of hypertension and hyperlipidemia with just one pill daily. 

ESC – European Society of Cardiology
CVD – cardiovascular disease

1.    Nichols M, Townsend N, Scarborough P et al. Cardiovascular disease in Europe 2014: epidemiological update. Eur Heart J 2014; 35: 2950–59.