26. 3. 2018

Once a volunteer, always a volunteer

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As we move closer to Krka’s Week of Charity and Volunteering, which will take place on 9-14 April, we look for inspiration and motivation in the stories of Krka’s volunteers. A long-serving Krka employee Snežana Ostojić has been volunteering for over 20 years. She believes that charity and volunteering is a way of life, which is something she lives by.

Once a volunteer, always a volunteer

As she points out, she wants nothing in return, though she is very happy to see smiling faces, knowing that small acts of kindness can mean a great deal to someone. As a Krka Volunteer 2017, she initiated a campaign for collecting plastic caps on behalf of a sick son of one of her co-workers, organising similar campaigns in certain centres and institutions in Novo mesto, Slovenia as well. She is also known for her environmental care and donating blood. “All acts of kindness count, though when you donate your own blood you also donate a piece of yourself. As a vital life-sustaining fluid, blood cannot be made or bought, which is why this act is all the more important.”

Small acts that mean a great deal
Snežana says that volunteering was part of her upbringing. “My parents were a great source of inspiration, so it only feels natural for me to help others. “I’ve noticed that people gladly respond to my initiatives and join me in campaigns. Krka encourages and appreciates volunteering, which has helped me to grow as a volunteer.”

Every year Snežana participates in several events related to Krka’s Week of Charity and Volunteering. She regularly collects clothes and visits the wards of occupational activity centre in Novo mesto, Slovenia. “It certainly makes my day seeing a bunch of smiling, happy faces, which is an experience that enriches me as a person,” she states and adds that being named Krka’s Volunteer of the Year is a validation of her work. “I would like to continue walking on this path also in the future.”


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