21. 3. 2019

The help of others will always be required

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Krka Volunteer 2018 Matic Smolič is very active and versatile. His primary socially active role comes in the form of a fireman, which is practically a family tradition. Ever since he joined the firefighting ranks at the age of seven, he has been a tireless member of various volunteer organisation, constantly adding new areas to his volunteering résumé.

Matic Smoli,  Krka's 2018 Volunteer of the Year

He is part of a local firefighting association where he performs the tasks of a commanding officer. One of the association’s many tasks is also working with young people – this year they became Slovenian vice-champions. He is also active in Krka’s Volunteer Fire-Fighter Association. “Our professionalism is particularly evident during company overhaul when external contractors use open flame and we need to secure constant fire watch to provide better fire security.” He is also part of the Civil Protection Unit in the Straža Municipality, where he acts as a medical assistant in the first aid team. Since last year he has been helping first aid respondents in accidents that result in major bleeding and cardiac arrest. He is a regular blood donor who has donated this vital fluid 26 times already. “What motivates me the most in volunteering is knowing that you can help someone. I am also pleased when people notice and appreciate my work. Volunteering is important; it needs to be encouraged and preserved, since people will always need the help of others.”

Think positively, act like a humanitarian

He is known for spreading good cheer also as a member of Krka Mixed Choir, and also finds time to participate in a tourist association. “I participate in organising a local event where we present the old local customs from the Straža Municipality.”

He sees Krka’s Week of Charity and Volunteering, held this year between 8-13 April for the eighth time in a row, as a source of inspiration and a chance to make people aware about those who come from underprivileged backgrounds. “I would like to encourage all good-hearted people to volunteer and engage in acts of charity. You never know when you will be the one in need of help. When such a moment comes, you will be happy to learn that people still know how to lend a helping hand.”

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