11. 4. 2018

The selflessness of Krka employees in numerous locations across Slovenia

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Half of Krka’s Week of Charity and Volunteering is already behind us. We managed to put a smile on people’s faces, donated blood and collected various necessities such as food, clothes, etc.

We donated blood in Novo mesto, Ljubljana and Ljutomer. Krka employees were busy preparing food packets at Red Cross and Karitas organisations in Novo mesto and Ljubljana; in the following days we will do the same in Ljutomer. We socialised with numerous elderly across Slovenia: we helped them do memory exercises, participated in various workshops and went on walks with them. The residents of the retirement home in Kočevje were treated to a performance by the choir from Quality Management.

We prepared an interesting programme at occupational activity centres. We took the wards to see the Equestrian School Sport Centre in Novo mesto and organised mini Piko Olympic games along with the Olympic Committee of Slovenia at the Special Education Centre Janez Levec in Ljubljana. The volunteers were accompanied by Krka’s mascot, Piko the Cat.

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S starejšimi občani se krkaši v okviru letošnjega Krkinega tedna humanosti in prostovoljstva družimo kar na 29 lokacijah po vsej Sloveniji. Krkini prostovoljci smo zanje pripravili miselne igre, sprehode po okolici, na dveh lokacijah pa tudi nastopa obeh Krkinih pevskih zborov (Mešani pevski zbor Krka in ZaSUK). Na fotografiji so Krkini prostovoljci v domu starejših občanov v Šiški v Ljubljani. #medgeneracijskosodelovanje #krkintedenhumanosti #krka #pomočstarejšim // Socialising events during Krka’s Week of Charity and Volunteering will be organised in 29 retirement homes across Slovenia. Krka volunteers engage the elderly with mind games, walk with them around the neighbourhood and also sing for them at two locations. The photo shows Krka volunteers in a retirement home in Ljubljana. #intergenerationalcooperation #krkacharityweek #krka #helpingtheelderly

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