16. 5. 2017

World Hypertension Day

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World Hypertension Day is celebrated every year on 17 May. This year global awareness campaign May Measurement Month 2017 (MMM 2017) is organised. International Society of Hypertension has an ambitious goal to achieve – screen 25 million people from all around the world who have not had their blood pressure measured during the last year. By doing so they wish to raise awareness of this disease that is the cause of death for 9.6 million people.

World Hypertension Day

Krka supports the blood pressure measurement campaign in Slovenia and several other countries, thus continuing to raise public awareness of the importance of knowing your blood pressure levels.

You can have your blood pressure screened in most health care centres and in pharmacies until the end of May.

Hypertension and elevated high pressure are an issue when blood pressure values are constantly raised and exceed 140/90 mm Hg. Blood pressure raised by 20/10 mm Hg doubles the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

By timely treatment permanent changes on the heart, blood vessels, the brain and kidneys that may cause serious complications such as body organ failure or even death can be prevented. Krka’s high quality medicines for the treatment of high blood pressure containing one active ingredient or a fixed combination of several active ingredients enable control of various levels of this illness and decrease the probability of complications related to the cardiovascular system.

Krka’s medicines for the treatment of high blood pressure are used by over 11 million patients every day.

Let’s measure our blood pressure and make sure that our numbers are right.