31. 5. 2016

Krka Awards – celebrating Krka employees

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Otočec, 27 May 2016 – The traditional Krka Awards Day again confirmed that Krka employees all around the world are brought together by a common mission and values regardless of the language that they speak. Also this year Krka awarded all those who have contributed to the company’s achievements with their loyalty, enthusiasm, hard work and innovation, thereby achieving a personal and creative success. Plaques were awarded to this year’s long-service employees, best employees, best managers and colleagues who excelled at innovation. We also conferred the Boris Andrijanič Award for remarkable achievements. This year it was awarded to Zvezdana Bajc, Deputy CEO – Corporate Performance and a long-term member of the Management Board. In his speech, President of Krka’s Management Board and CEO Jože Colarič thanked all of the recipients for their contribution to Krka’s growth.

At Krka we are aware that the people are at the heart of the company and that the company’s success is above all the result of the energy and enthusiasm that the employees invest into common goals. This was one of the things that Mr Colarič emphasised when he congratulated the recipients of the 2016 Krka Award and acknowledged their contribution to Krka’s development.

The Boris Andrijanič Award for Remarkable Achievements

This year the most renowned Krka Award – the Boris Andrijanič Award for Remarkable Achievements was conferred again. It was given to Zvezdana Bajc, Deputy CEO – Corporate Performance and a long-term member of the Management Board. for her exceptional and outstanding contribution to Krka’s business success and growth. 

The highest number of long-service employees ever

This year, 656 Krka Group employees celebrate their work anniversaries. 314 of these have worked at the Krka Group for 10 years, 98 for 20, 105 for 30, 117 for 35 and 22 for 40 years. 

Plaques for their loyalty to Krka were also conferred to employees from Poland, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Austria and Germany. Long-service employees are Krka’s symbol of dedication to the company.

Best employees and best managers

The loyalty of the employees and the positive atmosphere are strengthened at Krka also by choosing the best employee and manager of the year. This year, we selected 50 best employees and 19 best managers at each organisational unit level, and 10 best employees and 5 best managers at the Group level.

2015 Marketing Awards winners were also included in the selection of best employees and best managers: 5 best medical representatives and 36 excellent medical representatives and 3 best marketing managers, 3 best product managers, 1 best country trainer, 5 best district managers and 1 best head of area/group. Awards, commendations and recognitions were conferred to 6 most successful employees in the field of regulatory affairs in 2015.

Recognitions for best managers, best employees and Marketing Awards were, in addition to Slovenian employees also conferred to employees from Krka’s companies and representative offices abroad: from Poland, the Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Romania, Germany, Latvia, Lithuanian, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Estonia, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Awards in regulatory affairs were also conferred to employees from Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kazakhstan. This confirms Krka’s international presence, its growth throughout the years and strengthening of the business network abroad.

Awarded innovations

Awards for inventive work were also conferred on this occasion. Employee proposals significantly contribute to reducing costs and improving work processes. That is why in addition to the awards that employees receive for each innovative proposal, and awards for improvements based on calculated or estimated savings, innovation is also rewarded via other forms of incentive. Selected proposers receive special awards at the Krka Awards Day and every quarter a proposer receives a practical prize. Once a year, a meeting is organised for all proposers, and for New Year the President of the Management Board thanks all proposers for their suggestions and also gives them a practical gift.

Also at this year’s Krka Awards special awards were conferred: an award for implementing improvements bringing the best economic benefit, an award for the most useful proposal and the award for the best proposer, and the award to the best organisational unit in terms of innovation, which was conferred to API Production (API R&D, Production and Supply). Mr Andrej Bavdek, Director of API Production will accept the award in the name of all the unit’s employees.