26. 9. 2022

Krka Car-Free Day for a Cleaner Tomorrow

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Krka has participated in the European Mobility Week campaign since it was first launched, and this year is no exception. On Thursday, 22 September 2022, we organised another Krka Car-Free Day. Krka employees from eleven countries where we have business units joined the event, because it greatly matters to us all what kind of planet we’ll deliver to our descendants. In the light of green mobility, we showed that we are a well-connected community committed to sustainable mobility, a healthier environment, and improved quality of life. We came to work by sustainable means of transport: on foot, by bike, scooter, rollerblades, carpooling, etc.

Krka Car-Free Day for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Each Krka employee contributes to this when opting for alternative means of transport. For our employees, sustainable way of coming to work has become rather a habit than an one-time act. The purpose of our mobility plan adopted already in 2015 and Krka Car-Free Day is to encourage as many employees as possible for sustainable commute as often as possible and hence keeping our environment healthy.

Many our employees in Slovenia, 40% of them, live more than 40 km away from the company and commute to work daily. The number of employees who carpool has been rising, which also contributes to sustainable mobility. We are pleased with the upward trend in sustainable commuting. This brings us closer to our goals, which are to decrease the use of personal cars, contribute to traffic safety, and above all increase the quality of air wherever we do business. The number people involved in sustainable mobility has been steadily growing in Slovenia and in our business units worldwide. This year, we were joined by our colleagues from eleven countries, also outside Europe, including: Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Portugal, and Germany.

Green mobility should be safe, which is why we regularly adopt health and safety recommendations and measures, and raise awareness among our employees of how important it is to follow them at the workplace and on the way to work.