Aleš Golja

Head of Department, Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients


I began my career at Krka in 2005 as a senior technologist in API Production. I spent my first year getting to know my work environment and built a solid foundation for the future. I soon noticed that my colleagues had a very upbeat attitude – they showed a great deal of respect and willingness to cooperate with one another.

The extent and complexity of the tasks I was asked to do changed over time. At the end of my probationary period I successfully carried out my first technology transfer from pilot to industrial scale, which I was particularly proud of.

I carried out these transfers outside Slovenia too, where I had to use ingenuity and all my engineering and organisational skills to overcome cultural and language barriers. At the beginning of 2012 I was promoted to head of my department. Today I’m managing a group of technologists that deals with safety, optimisations, technology transfers in Slovenia and abroad, and technological troubleshooting.

A career at Krka is full of challenges, yet there is no need to feel apprehensive. With the right attitude you can solve any problem, gain valuable experience, and mould your work environment, using the challenges to drive you forward. It all comes down to the knowledge you gain by tackling those challenges head on.

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